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COPE Level 1 Leader Certification Workshop

Who Should Attend?
Social Workers, Public Health Nurses, Psychologists, Child & Youth Workers, Early Childhood Educators, and other Interested Professionals

Why Should I Attend?
There is a need for cost effective, evidence-based services capable of meeting the needs of the large group of families seeking assistance in the development of more effective parenting skills.

What Will I Learn?
The Level 1 Certification workshop’s discussions, demonstrations, role playing exercises, and manuals will provide professionals with basic skills to set up COPE courses, conduct COPE sessions, conduct large group problem solving, facilitate large group process, and solve common problems.  COPE Leaders should also complete Level 2 (Supervised co-leading or equivalent), Level 3 One Day (Advanced Leader Training) and Level 4 (Videotaped Leader Certification).

What is the Cost of the Level 1 Certification Workshop?
The cost of the workshop is $260.00 CDN.  This includes the COPE Leader’s Manual, your choice of the COPEing with 3 to 12 Year Old or COPEing with 13 to 18 Year Old  Video, lunch and morning and afternoon refreshments.

What do Professionals Say?
“The COPE approach is unique for its ingenious design, cost-efficacy, and scientific credibility... What I have found most captivating about the COPE program is how it encourages parents to participate in the process of change... Parents find the atmosphere of a COPE session exciting and respectful.”

From ‘How to Operate An ADHD Clinic or Subspecialty Practice
—Michael Gordon, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, State University of New York, Syracuse

What Parents Say About COPE:
  • "I have noticed a positive difference in our household within weeks of using this service"
  • “I feel calmer and don’t get as angry as I used to”
  • “I should have taken this course sooner”
  • “I feel more confident”
  • “Getting together with other parents was very helpful”
  • “I believe I bettered myself with this course”

Workshop Leaders

Charles E. Cunningham, PhD.
Jack Laidlaw Chair in Patient-Centred Health Care
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioural Neurosciences
McMaster University
905-521-2100, ext 77307

Rita Harrison, E.C.E., C.B.S.
Behaviour Therapist
McMaster Children’s Hospital
Child & Youth Mental Health
905-521-2100, ext 77295