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  Facilitator Training Overview

RFTS facilitator training takes place in two-day workshops.

Why Should I Attend?

There is need for cost effective, evidence-based services capable of meeting the needs of the large number of parents who could benefit from the development of more effective parenting skills in the important early years.

What Will I Learn?

The workshop’s discussions, demonstrations, role playing exercises, and manual provide
professionals with the skills to:

• Set up Right from the Start courses
• Conduct Right from the Start sessions
• Conduct Large Group Problem Solving
• Facilitate Large Group Process
• Solve Common Problems

Who Should Attend?

Infant Development Consultants
Infant Mental Health Consultants
Early Childhood Educators
Public Health Nurses
Social Workers, Psychologists
Other interested professionals with at least a college degree in a relevant field and experience with families of young children

Training Sessions

For information regarding available training sessions, click here.

We do not organize training events ourselves, but respond to requests to do so. If you are interested in information about how to host a training session in your community, please click here. If you would like to book a training session in your community, please contact Alison Niccols at